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Preparing Your Property - At Home Magazine: Celebrities, Fashion, Lifestyle And Competitions

7.) Conduct a thorough inventory to catalogue the items in the property and their state of repair. This will help you immensely if the tenant causes any damage and you need to keep some (or all) of their deposit. Ideally have photographs as well as a written condition report and real estate makes sure the tenant signs and dates an agreement that all of these documents accurately reflect the state of the property before they move in. 8.) Finally, think carefully before you put a blanket ban on any groups renting the property.

A concierge will do "anything from booking their flights to putting cartons of milk in their fridges", as the sales manager Alexander von Albert sells it. The building complex, called Yoo Berlin, is set to open in the summer 90 out of 95 flats have already been sold. The penthouse at the very top, which went for 4.1m, is being touted as the most expensive in the city.

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